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In terms of that particular piece of software, the X8-H Plus runs it near spotlessly, by the way, so if its a dedicated KODI box you want there are unlikely to be many better Android devices out there. The Amazon Instant App is totally non-functioning at this time, however, although it as well as iPlayer have perfectly good (if not better) workarounds if you get the relevant plug-ins for XBMC (Kodi); and they both offer streaming at the maximum resolutions. If youre looking just for the mainstream streaming services, and by that we mean BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, ITV Player, 4OD, Google Play & NOW TV, you should be looking no further than either the Roku 3 or Streaming Stick. Specifically, in addition to the 4K panel, the JS9000 is imbued with the latest industry innovation HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology and the ability to deliver a much wider colour space than most TVs. What we will say is that games designed with controller support we were using an Amazon Fire V Controller are definitely a fun experience with the X8-H Plus and racers such as Asphalt 8 & Beach Buggy racing licked along well, with no obvious slowdown or graphical glitches. Theres also a useful All Tasks Killer function too and the tiles are very easy to navigate using the directional buttons, for that true set-top-box feel. Minix Neo X8-H Plus Specification The X8-H Plus is equipped with a Quad-core Cortex A9r4 processor, back upped with a dedicated octo-core Mali-450 GPU and bolstered by 2GB of DDR3 RAM. The X8-H Plus will also play 4K content at up to 30 frames per second, encoded in either HEVC of H.264, but it must be no higher than 8-bit colour, else youll run in to issues.


We have spoken to Minix regarding the lack of HD for Netflix and seemingly their hands are tied. In fact, if I were keeping the device permanently, I might even be tempted to root and use it as the launcher with a customised skin to integrate the Android apps. In-built storage comes courtesy of 16GB of eMMC flash memory but you can expand that with an external SD card or via USB storage. The smart remote includes navigation buttons and a pointer for effective motion control of all the smart features on the JS9000 but as an alternative there is also a free remote app available for both iOS and Android. We have absolutely no issue with that from an aesthetic perspective in fact it looks lovely but well have to admit that were still largely unsold on the idea, from a picture quality standpoint, but more on that later. The sense of stereo separation was surprisingly good for a TV of this size and dialogue was always very clear and well centred.


The spec sheet suggests native support for MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, OGA, FLAC, ALAC, APE and AAC file types and the X8-H Plus certainly played everything we had to throw at it. Clearly Samsung is seeking superlatives, here, not snide slurs nor super-obvious swearing. In terms of the mainstream market, you can compare the X8-H Plus to the likes of Amazon Fire TV which is essentially an Android Box and the Roku family, although the latter is a more walled environment, lacking the liberties of Android. This is, without doubt, one of the most versatile little devices weve ever tested at AVForums and the fact the Minix X8-H Plus can pull off so many things, so well, means its well worthy of our recommendation. .. I first sat through the opening episode of Transparent (without ever realising how to properly pronounce the title) and that was an unpromising start, with the programme looking decidedly sub Blu-ray standard for the most part. You're probably going to want the one on the right . Moving between some very well shot 4K (by our very own Editor PhilHinton) and the same content in 1080p, we couldnt say we saw any more actual individual object detail but there was an appreciation of the whole image being more defined if that makes sense. Inputs and outputs are stationed on the right and back edges and include 3 x USB 2.0 and a micro USB OTG port. d23ee43039

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